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In addition to our line of fighting chairs, we are now offering three deluxe tuna chairs and two companion pilot chairs. These chairs feature upholstered teak armrests that are combined with our unique striking rod holders. The double side rod holders each provide 55 degrees of striking arc and are set at an angle complementary to both straight and bent butt rods. Lined with a durable white vinyl insert to protect the rod butt, these holders will not release your rod should it bounce with a fish on your line. However, the rod is easily inserted or removed from the holder.

All our teak products are laminated for strength and stability wherever possible, the wood grain is rotated by 90 degrees. With painstaking attention to detail, the wood is matched for grain and color, and expertly joined and glued. The curved slats in our teak backs are a three-layer laminate. Our large curved teak footrest board is a five-layer laminate, while the small board is a three-layer laminate. Our laminated teak seat is made from three layers, and all the stainless attachment hardware is imbedded within the seat during the lamination process. Finished either naturally with teak oil or hi-glossed with polyurethane, it is the finest and most beautiful woodwork available. Our hi-gloss finish is second to none. Similarly, our gel-coated fiberglass seats have their attachment hardware imbedded within the seat when it is molded. On both our teak and fiberglass seats, the upholstered arms can be simply unbolted for reupholstery or repair.

Our footrest board can be detached from the bars for storage and the angle may be adjusted. The footrest hangers channel the footrest bars, and are on rollers to facilitate adjustment. Our hangers also can be closed onto the bars to lock them in position. Another feature unique to our chair is the back attachment system. We provide you with a multi-position back that locks in position but is quickly removable. The back attachment bracket partially encapsulates the upright, relieving the stress from the screws and transferring it to the bracket itself. Because we precision machine all our own parts, no one else can offer you hardware with as much thought and expertise built into it as we do.

At Lee's, we use only high-strength permanent mold or forged brass parts -- not sand castings, as most other manufacturers do. All our brass hardware is chrome plated, providing a finish brighter and more scratch resistant than stainless steel. Soap, lots of fresh water, and periodic waxing will keep the finish looking brand new for years. We at Lee's are not just assemblers. We are a family business that takes great pride in the products we make. Our goal is to provide you with the most functional, reliable, and most beautiful equipment possible.

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